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Control which Widgets Display on which Pages

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We just added a contact form using Contact Form 7 to one of the widgets on this WordPress 4.7 website and we have a few other widgets as well such as search and site categories. But let’s say you don’t want all of these widgets to display on every single page of your site.

Add Display Widgets Plugin

Let’s say that you want the site categories and the visual editor widget to only be on their own special page. Well, there’s another plugin for that so let’s come over here to plugins and add new. We’re going to type in Display Widgets that’s the name of this plugin. And we will install that. And activate it.

Widgets Plugin Display Options

And now with that activated we can come back over to our widgets panel. Let’s start with our site categories. When you open this you can see that new options have been added to the widget.

Who Can See the Widget

And the first set of options this gives you is the choice of showing the widget to everybody, only to people who are logged out and only people who are logged in. Those options can be useful for things like advertising.

Pages You Want Widget to Show On

And then you have this choice of hide on checked pages or show on checked pages. Hide on checked pages means it will display on every single page except the ones that are checked. And show on checked pages means don’t show it on any page unless it’s checked.

We really only want the site category show up on the blog page and archives pages and the single post page. So I’ll select those and hit save. Now let’s come back over here and reload this page. You can see that the widget is no longer there because we aren’t on one of those checked pages.

When we go over to our news page, which is a blog page, site categories shows up. Let’s go to category archive page and. Well, it should show up on here. Let’s go back and look at this. Archives. Custom post types. Okay, so archives in this case must only mean author archive and date archive.

If you want to specify categories you can say show it on all categories there. And now reload it. This is a category archive page and there it is. That widget is going to be on every category archive page. But it’s not going to be on the home page or on the front page template page or any other page because of how we’ve specified where we want it to be.

This Display Widgets plugins gives you a lot of control over how you lay out the content on your site. Depending on your theme you may only have one widget area, as there is in this theme, and you might want one set of widgets on one page and another set of widgets on another page. You can use this display widgets to control all of that. So it’s a very useful tool in that regard.

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