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Installing WordPress Plugins

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There are lots of plugins on the WordPress Repository. This is generally speaking a very safe place to get your plugins and is generally the very first place I go to if I’m looking for some kind of functionality.

How to Add a Plugin

We are here under Plugins and the way you add a plugin is to click “add new”. What I want to do is to add a widget that that has a visual editor added to it. The name of that plugin is Black Studio TinyMCE. I’ll just type that in here.

That’s this one right here but it’s brought up a whole bunch of other ones as well that it thinks are related to. It’s a very rudimentary search system where you’re just searching for keywords.

From here we’re just going to click this “install now”. And you can see it’s installed because the button has changed to “Activate”. So now it’s asking you if you want to activate it. Click the button on now we’ve got the black studio TinyMCE widget installed.

Black Studio TinyMCE Widget

Let’s come back over here to widgets and you’ll see that we have a visual editor widget. We are going to drag the visual editor widget up into the sidebar. And now you’ve got the ability to add media. You’ve got the same buttons that you had in the regular editor so you’ve got paragraph text and headings.

You can do everything you can do in the text editor essentially. Let’s add an image there, we’ll add her. And we’re not going to use the thumbnail. We’re going to use the medium size and we’re going to center her and link it to none. Hit save. Actually, let’s go ahead and center the text also. Save.

Then we can come back over to the site and reload this page. There’s our visual editor widget title and the text goes all the way to the edge here in the sidebar. How wide is that? That’s 325 pixels wide. And our image sits there under the text. But you can do all kinds of things with this visual editor widget in terms of adding additional content to your site.

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