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Just want to take a moment to say thanks for creating all these videos and learning tools. I'm working on 3 websites for myself and working a full time Business Analyst eCommerce job at the same time and without your help I would not be able to work towards my entrepreneurial dream. You are saving me loads of time researching.

Karen Parrish

avatarAs a life-long stand-and-deliver teacher … I'm so impressed by the way you've gone about building your program. By this year I'd finally mastered all the skillsets involved in hard coding a 1990s style website … and needed to quickly update my approach … so finding you has been a godsend.

The weekly open sessions … recording real students' actual questions and your process of identifying answers as a way of identifying where we get stuck and what we need to learn … brilliant. Observing your workflow, watching you stumble and correct yourself at times, debugging when us students go off the rails … even your typos … priceless and entertaining, too. It's a great model for me, since I'm building the second generation of an online education program myself.  Please 'scuse the obvious apple-polishing … but seriously, this shit rocks.

Duane Law

Natural Stress Care
I had everything in place. My niche, the plan, the equipment and resources. When it came to website building and the proper structure and creation of my blog, i struggled. I am a guitar teacher and not a website creator. I searched for help on Google and found BYOBWebsite and Rick Anderson. From January 2014 to October 2014, i have booked three “Back on Track” Sessions with Rick, a direct coaching, using

I can’t stress enough how much Rick helped me to understand the connection between my ideas, my blog, google and my audience. He was the man who helped me to get ready to go online on August 26, 2014 with my blog ( To be honest, it was a challenge. It means a lot of work, commitment and passion. But with Rick’s input, you start to focus on what REALLY matters and in the same time, he coaches you online in a step by step process to eliminate problems and mistakes on your WordPress blog. Further he assists in setting up Thesis right and last but not least, he’s a lovely and incredibly helpful man.

My blog and my audience is growing day by day, Rick deserves a big part of the credit for how everything is going. In the future, i will never hesitate to book another BOT (Back On Track) Program with Rick. If you are struggling with whatever may be big or small problems for you, book a “Back On Track Session” with Rick. You will benefit, your business will, as well as your overall happiness seeing your business grow!

I apologize if not every word here is perfect, I’m German speaking … but i think and hope my point came across: RICK IS YOUR MAN!!!

Thanks Rick for all, can’t express in words how grateful I am that I found you and that I booked your support. You are worth every second, could not invest better!


avatarYou have done a great job in developing me from someone who had a vision and an idea into a confident webmaster. As a matter of fact, if it wasn’t for your mentorship and excellent training programs I wouldn’t have a website at all. I realize that building a non-profit educational website, in memory of my daughter’s death,  has made a positive impact on international women’s reproductive health with over 100,000 unique visitors a year coming to the site to learn.

Since I have not converted to Thesis 2.0, I am just in the maintenance mode. However, anytime I need to refer to website issues I know I can go BYOBWebsite videos and forums and find my answer.

You have always been available to talk one-on-one with me when I was really stuck on a problem. Your knowledge and willingness to make do-it-yourself web design available to laymen, like myself, is to be commended.

Rick, please keep up the great work!

Monty L. Patterson

Abortion Pill Risks
avatarI wanted to reply to your email and let you know that you (and your staff) are, in my humble opinion, the gods and goddesses of everything I ever wanted and needed to know.

I’m glad you were born. 🙂

Jackie Jacobson

The Art of Jackie Jacobson

I love your website. I recommend it to people I run into who have various website questions. I taught at the university level for 15 years and have seen a lot of excellent teachers and some not so good and down right bad teachers. You're an excellent teacher. You plan your lessons, create an organization that is easy to follow, include handouts (those have saved my ass many times), answer and address questions, are patient with people taking your seminars, and most of all, you give hands on examples that are easy to follow. I love your seminars and videos. I've taken some of your webinars that are more advanced that my skill level, and I have been able to muddle my way through some designing challenges that I could never have done on my own.

Thanks for doing such a good job. Although I'm not using your site as much as I did at the beginning, I feel my membership is money well spent. I also appreciate your email advice of waiting to update when new versions of WP or Thesis come out or when you are sharing other information. I always read your emails, and I can't say that about other sites I subscribe to.

Cora L. Foerstner

Cora Foerstner - Writer, Storyteller, and Explorer of the Fantastical
avatarRick Anderson has a unique way of making complex things logical and simple enough for us to attempt them with our limited ability. He is not only a masterful teacher but he has the ability to make you believe you can build a professional business web site.  His lessons are logical and easy to follow.  What really separates Rick from other online course instructors is the personal access you have to him through his live webinars and private coaching. He has been a blessing to me.

Lanny Bassham

Mental Management Systems
I find your work and that of the BYOB website very, very helpful. I refer to it each time I have a new question or challenge in developing our new site, and I have found on a number of occasions I have been able to answer my questions using the resources on your site.

I have also found you hugely responsive on the support forum, and really appreciate the advice you give and ways in which you help me find further references to do what we are trying to do.

Many thanks for all your work and support. I really do spend a lot of time on your site and am hugely grateful for the many ways in which it helps me do my job. I got tasked with a job that I'm hugely under-skilled for, but we don't really have the money to bring in a web developer. Getting a membership with BYOB has made a huge difference for me - I am still quite lost! But I shudder to think just how terribly lost I would be without you and your site!

Amanda Atwood

avatarI really enjoy your tutorials….I learn something from others questions all the time and a lot of times I can apply to my own website….

Thank you for all your hard work you are very appreciated!

Ramona Werst

avatarI joined to learn Thesis. Just discovered it and am very happy with it so far.

What I wanted to tell you after watching your Thesis tutorials at all three levels is how much I appreciate your pedagogical skills. I have taught junior high school level in the past and have also helped clients with websites, so I have done a fair amount of teaching myself. I really appreciate your ability to choose how much to present at one time and what order to present it in.

Thank you!

Nancy Hardenbergh