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Well, as you've heard me say now, at least a couple of times, I LOVE YOU! And I mean that in the most professional, platonic way. Simply put, YOU are my WP/Thesis, all things having to do with my website HERO. For those reading this post and wondering if the small amount of money you're thinking of sending to Rick is worth it…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not think twice. There is not enough space here for me to tell you how valuable this teacher/GURU man named Rick is. Right away when I signed up, I had an issue. I was absolutely amazed how Rick went over and above to help me solve a problem which I (due to my ignorance) had caused. I joined Rick's Universe about 6 months ago, and personal life challenges precluded me for availing myself of the Webinars. For the past 2 weeks, I have been a regular attendee. No longer am I afraid to update wordpress, or do any of the basic beginner stuff I used to do. I WISH I had had this wonderful information in my hands years ago when I first began.

I am now beginning the process of going back and redoing things the correct way. I'm not sure how long I'll be at the beginner stage, (and even at this writing I would not want you to see my sites, because they don't reflect Rick, but rather what I did before Rick) but I can tell you this is the best money I've spent in a very very very long time. I have a saying that "sometimes things have to get worse before they get better" … the "worse part" for me is having to undo alot of stuff I did wrong, BUT the "better part" is that I can now begin to see light at the end of my very long tunnel of ignorance, and I can see that before too long, my site will look like I always hoped it would, and the bonus is that I'm learning new skills that will take me a very long way toward continued success in my trade. The other bonus is that my very patient husband will soon have me back at his side in the evening, instead of hearing my down in my office exasperated, frustrated and spinning my wheels.

So . . . GO FOR IT! GO FOR RICK ! You will not regret one penny nor one minute of the time you spend with him.

Angela Chan
Just a quick note to say thanks for the fantastic tutorials and for your help in the forums with building my e-shop. I've been a Wordpress user for five years, and a Thesis user for three, and have been used to searching the Thesis forums, and asking for help whenever I wanted to make changes to my site. When the changes I needed were more than could be detailed in a forum reply, I paid other people to work on my site. I didn't understand what they'd done, so when further changes were needed, I'd have to pay them again, sometimes to undo the work they had done in the first place. I can't tell you how empowering it is to know that I will never have to pay someone else to work on any of my websites again.

My shop has been open for business for just two weeks, and it's working beautifully. Products are purchased and downloaded, people sign up for my mailing lists, my bank balance is growing, and the whole process just works seamlessly. I am such a delighted client, in fact, that this morning I extended my subscription for another six months. Paying you for knowledge instead of paying someone else to do the work is the best investment I've made in my business this year. There are no words to convey how deeply satisfying the process of learning has been for me. Except for these:

Thank you.


Brenda Dayne
Just bought Thesis for a few days and still looking around for a useful hints on hooks and functions for a newbie cum non-technical guy like me.

Thankfully I’ve managed to discover your site, byobwebsite. A simple yet meaningful guide for me to start loving my thesis and make it worth every penny I’ve spent!

Aliza Shehpatii
I want to thank you for such a comprehensive-yet easy to use tutorial series. I am so thankful to come across your site. It has helped me and my husband both build our own websites and actually have fun doing it! We will spread the word to anyone who is in need of having and maybe even building their own site!
Kathy Parker Burington, Iowa

Kathy Parker

Made for beginners and advanced users

I'm Chung Tang from Nova Scotia, Canada and a complete newbie at web design and development but after going through Rick's byobwedsite of over 260 hours (almost done) of the most updated videos that teaches you step by step how to create a personal or business website from scratch, I made my first website in a week. Now I know the basics, I can apply my guys into this training and have them create websites for me.

Customer service unlike no other membership sites

Couple days ago, I have a question about a screen recoding software that I wanted an immediate answer to (notice how when we want something we want it yesterday?)

Well I was about to look under byobwebsite forums but instead I thought well I'll check if Rick is online so I clicked on the Chat with me button and sent him a message, and instantly, he replied and my questions answered.

Now I don't want to speak on behalf of rick and say that he'll be there every time but knowing that this membership has such strong support for its members really is a huge plus to the becoming a paid member so Rick, just want to say thanks and I'm really glad I made the investment

Chung Tang
I could talk for hours about the amount of time, money, and sleep I have lost trying to build my website. Over the last three days, I have been glued to my PC and have learned more from this site than I have in the last 18 months on my own watching amateur YouTube videos, reading Internet blogs, and pages of how-to-guides.

I give this program 5-stars and a "Rick Rocks!" shout out.

John DiSchiano
I can't tell you how much I appreciate finding someone who actually does what he says he will do! You promised to show me how to build a website by using your video tutorials, even though I only had the most basic web skills – like emailing – yet you delivered as promised.

AND, when I had a question that I just couldn't seem to find the answer to, you provided the necessary info via this forum and even spoke to me on the phone when I was still stumped with an issue. (Turns out I just need to watch the video a little more closely for most of my questions!)

Thanks for putting out such great quality content!

Bryan Makowski
avatarBYOB Website Videos A1 Rick Anderson's video tutorial series on Building Your Own Business Website is an amazing teaching mechanism and an outstanding value. From how to get a reliable and cost effective domain and hosting package to installing and utilizing the DIY Thesis Theme for Wordpress - the videos are compact, relevant and perfectly paced. Rick gives prospective students free videos and not one of his paid videos is of lesser quality. Rick gives each topic and sub-topic his full attention. After spending countless hours running through how-to forums and 'helpful' links, I 100% encourage anyone with the inclination of building their own business website to check out what Rick offers. Twitter @vicadea

Carrie Drybrough, Vicadea Concepts
I could not be happier with what I found on your site!

I had read maybe a dozen different pages on Smooth Slider, most all of which had the same code on it, which was absolutely not working for me.  Since I know little to nothing about PHP or CSS, I had no idea what to do about it.  Finally, in yet another search on the problem, the following thread was listed #10 on the first page of Google for my search:

Smooth Slider

This thread had the right code!  I could have saved myself weeks of scratching my head and pulling my hair out had I known about this website!

Once here, I found that Rick Anderson and his Build Your Own Business Website had answers to a lot of things I was looking for, most importantly, that they were willing to talk to me and teach me how to do this rather than insisting that I just let someone else do it for a fee.  Rick has built such value into this website that it was almost a no-brainer for me when I saw all that was offered in a membership to his site.

Rick Upshaw
I am a raving fan of and I highly recommend this online training system to anyone who wants to learn how to develop a high impact business website.  This service has literally saved me thousands of dollars in web development fees, as well as hundreds of hours in agonizing “do-it-myself” development and troubleshooting.

Jason Pugliese