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Hi Rick,

Thanks so much for this concise, clean and easy to understand tutorial.  You just helped me put together my first bit of code and it worked like a charm!

You rock, absolutely!


Wow, Rick. I am so grateful for your detailed description of the process. I added my header, moved the nav menu, shifted padding - all successfully! I am often frustrated at the assumptions made in tutorials (while remaining grateful at the free help!) about a higher level of knowledge than I have going into them. Yours was excellent. Thank you so much!

Michelle Barry Franco
Rick - what a fantastic tutorial! I've been struggling on my own and the advice I was getting only confused me further. In a matter of minutes, I had my Custom Image Header installed on my site and it looks great! I will definitely be coming back to your site. Thanks so much!

Jeanette Barnes
Realy very helpful videos and information!  Thanks very much!  I will share this with some of my friends whom I know will love this.  Keep up the good work!

Josh Louw
I stumbled upon your videos in the Thesis Forum. And I can not tell you how pleased I am with these videos. I appreciate your ability to teach these courses with the content underneath the video matching the video. And your teaching style allows for the Tech heads to follow along as well as the Technical challenged. Great Job

C. Gene Hallmark

I want to thank you Rick for helping me get my image banner to the way I really want it. Through your video help and talking me through it I am not frustrated any longer on updating my blog. I recommend this to everyone and explore Rick's website thoroughly.
Thanks again

Thank you so much for this tutorial. I've been struggling to get an image in my header and this is, without a doubt, the simplest solution. Bravo!


Wonderful Rick!!!! I check your site blog page several times per day looking for your new tutorials and information. A wonderful resource that just keeps getting better and better.


avatarWow, this is a great way to save a lot of time (for someone at my level of coding ability). I've spent hours trying to figure this out and sort through Thesis forums. This worked in just minutes. Thank you!

Jana Dean
Hi Rick,
I am frankly impressed by the clarity of your style.
Sure, these are basics but you're pouring best practices
and links and references all around!

You made the videos easy to follow yet dense of information...that's what good teachers do!

Michele Ancis