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WOW!!! These are going to be wonderful. You seem to have a great gift for identifying the practical needs of us beginners, and fulfilling them superbly. Learning has never been so rewarding and enjoyable. Keep up the good work. Can't wait for the influence of 3.0 to be incorporated in the lessons.

Brian Tozer (KiwiBrian)

avatarRick, you are awesome. This is better than any other plugin I could find! After installing the second code that you wrote to solve my particular issue of the events falling below my comments, this worked perfectly. I appreciate the time you took to discuss the problem with me on the phone and walking me through the problem. You are awesome and I will keep my eye on this website for more tutorials and ideas on customizing and making my Thesis theme run at maximum performance.

John Ringgold
Thank you very much for your image header tutorial. Great job, worked just right the first time.

John Wallace
Finally a "Thesis and Wordpress school", I have looked for it everywhere until now.

Thank you so much for existing, I don't know how I managed without your tutorials before.

Catherine Daar
avatarHi - really pleased I found your site from the Thesis forum.
I am a total newbie and have only just loaded Wordpress and Thesis and now trying to get my site to what I want to see.
I tried a bit of code in I found in the forum to load an image into the header - total failure. Just gone through lesson 1 and starting to understand about the way this works.
Feel much more confident that I can get to where I want to be now.

avatarHey Rick
My name is Niels from Australia. I just had to commend you for these lessons. They are by far the most accurate and detailed instruction I have come across. I have been doing this Internet stuff for three years now and have seen a lot of tutorials and for some reason everyone else out there assumes that they don’t need to teach this and if they do it is nowhere near as coherient and detailed as this.
And this bit about syncronizing FileZilla is a God sent for me.
At the moment I’m trying to learn how to customize themes and apperance with Thesis and have had backup files in different places on my local machine trying to modify, refresh – upload and before you know it can become quite a challenge to keep track of. This is going to safe me a lot of time and headache.
Good on you mate. Look forward to the rest of the lessons.

You already know "You Da man". I love the way you teach. Great job, I can tell you've been doing this for awhile. I wanted to thank you personally, because I couldn't find the handle on what was going on until I came across your work. Thank you for all of your help and the fast response to the need of your clients. You have excellent customer service. Am a Designer who knew nothing about blogging, still not much. I thought about  writing all this in green. 🙂

Thanks Again!

Sammy Bright
Rick, this is precisely what I was lookin for on the forums a week ago!

Avinash D

I just wanted to say thank you for having this information available. I had no idea how I was going to get my custom header onto my site and because of your article and video tutorial, it was very easy. Thanks again.

Sharon Cooper
avatarHi, thanks for this great and easy to follow tutorial. I'd already spent an hour or so trying to get a custom header on the site before I found your tutorial. Have bookmarked your site and will no doubt be a regular visitor in the days, weeks and months to come.