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avatarHello Rick, my name is Andrew Jay from england, i found your video tutorials on youtube, and found them very useful, you filled in the gaps that i was struggling with, as i am trying to build a website through bluehost and wordpress, keep up the good work, thanks, best regards andrew.

andrew jay
Thank-you so much for putting this up! I just spent about 4 hours trying to do it the hard way with MySQL and all that rubbish, but with you tute I had it up in 10 minutes! You've just earned a place in My Favourites >_<

Hi, and thanks for a great tutorial. It works at first try, have tried some others, but it did not work for me.

Alf Martinsen
I cannot believe that I have stumbled upon the most fantastic FREE tutorial on setting up Wordpress etc.

I have paid a lot of money for various tutorials in the past and the quality was aboslutely rubbish. Thanks to 'YouTube' I found Rick's site
in which he now has a big fan. Once I can master the basics of this I will certainly use his paid services to further my education.
I need to produce a number of monetized blog/sites to generate an automatic stream of income. I am 69 and am not that quick although
am getting better. These videos are wonderfully presented in a clear and concise manner. I cannot begin to thank you
enough Rick!

Peter Rose

I like! This is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Thank you so much for your excellent videos and the code. I started my blog just a few weeks ago and had never worked with php and CSS before. With the help of your videos and some extra advice from you when I got stuck at one point I have now managed to redesign my header. Very kind of you, very professional!

Walther, from Gothenburg in Sweden
avatarRick is an absolutely wonderful trainer. I started with nothing and ended up with a blog page that is great. He is patient, intelligent, articulate and fun-everything you want in a trainer. He knows what he is doing and is very proficient. He makes it all work...not easy if you are technology challenged. I highly recommend his classes. I am also subscribing to the videos because it is another learning channel.

Melinda Maxwell, DC