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BYOB Thesis Exclude Category From Post

How to Exclude a Category of Posts from the Posts Page Using the BYOB Thesis Exclude Category from Posts Plugin

In this session, we demonstrate how to exclude a category of posts from the Posts Page using the BYOB Thesis Exclude Category From Post Plugin. Video Transcript Ok, I’m going to demonstrate something that I’ve demonstrate poorly today. We’re going to go to Nextgen gallery, And what we’re going to do is talk about

How to Exclude Posts from the Blog Page using Categories and Tags

In this session, we begin with a short demonstration on how to use existing WordPress functionality to add categories to the WordPress Menu and to the sidebar using a widget. Then we discuss the ability to exclude posts by category in which case you can use our BYOB Thesis Exclude Categories From Posts plugin. You

Can You Use Posts for Both a Blog and Announcements Without Showing them All on the Blog?

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In this session, we discuss how you can use posts for both your blog and announcements but without showing them all on the blog. You can do that by using one of our plugins, BYOB Thesis Exclude Category From Posts. Video Transcript Member: I was also looking at a video on the Business Application for