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Semi Transparent Colors

Part 7 – Using a Semi-Transparent Background Colors Over a Background Image

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You’ve now seen how to add multiple background images in the same HTML element on a Thesis 2 skin so the next thing we're going to do is add a page background color to this. First we have to figure out what we want that to be a background of, which element. So we're going

Customize Skins with Background Images, Colors & Gradients

In this first lesson of our Customize Thesis 2 Like a Pro video tutorial series we look at the various ways to customize a Thesis skin using background images, background color and gradients. We look at both tiling and fixed background images and demonstrate various ways to use them. We also examine how to use

Lesson 1 – Customize Child Themes with Background Images & Colors

This is the first lesson in our Customize Genesis Like a Pro video tutorial series. In this lesson we look at customizing various Genesis 2 Child Themes using background images and colors. In this class we introduce basic CSS syntax for editing your child theme. We start off by looking at background images and how