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Types – Custom Fields and Custom Post Types Plugin

How to Create a Real Estate Listing with Custom Post Types and Custom Fields in Thesis 2.1

In this session we show how to create a real estate listing with custom post types and custom fields in Thesis 2.1 using the Types plugin and the BYOB Post Meta Fields Extended Box for Thesis 2.1 which gives you a great deal of control over the post meta. We also recommend watching the video

How to Display Testimonials in Thesis 2.1 Using Custom Post Types & Taxonomies – Part 3 – Create Custom Post Meta for the Testimonial

The next thing I want to do in this process of displaying testimonials in Thesis 2.1 with custom post types and taxonomies is to add some additional information like Sammy Bright and his Website Name, Website URL and that sort of thing. This is called Custom Post Meta. So again, using the Types plugin we’re

How to Display Testimonials in Thesis 2.1 Using Custom Post Types & Taxonomies – Part 2 – Create a Testimonial Type Custom Taxonomy

Now that we’ve got our custom post type created and added a Testimonial in Thesis 2.1, we’re going to set up a Testimonial Taxonomy. We’re going to come back to the Types plugin again and select custom types and taxonomies. I’m going to add a new taxonomy and then we’ll call it Testimonial Types and

How to Display Testimonials in Thesis 2.1 Using Custom Post Types & Taxonomies – Part 1 – Create the Testimonial Custom Post Type

Today we’re going to answer the question of how to display testimonials in Thesis 2.1 using standard Thesis 2.1 tools and a couple of BYOB Website boxes. This site here is a good example because it’s got a couple hundred testimonials. It’s more complicated than what we’re going to talk about here but we’ve got

What’s Involved in Creating Custom Taxonomies in WordPress?

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In this session we discuss what’s involved in creating custom taxonomies in WordPress using the Types plugin and applying it to post types. We also talk about the hierarchical and non-hierarchical taxonomies and how they are created. Member:  Okay, one of the other things that you talked about in your How To Build A Business

How to Create a Recipe Site Using Thesis 2 with Custom Post Types & Custom Post Meta

One powerful aspect of Thesis 2 is its ability to easily take advantage of custom post types and custom post meta. We show off this ability in this short seminar on creating a recipe website using the Types plugin and the BYOB Thesis 2 Simple Post Meta Fields box. This combination of tools makes creating this type of site a snap for the non-programmer. What used to take reams of PHP code to create can now be done point and click - drag and drop.

How to Use the Types Plugin to Add Custom Post Meta to Thesis 2 Template

In this session we demonstrate how to use the Types plugin to add custom post meta to a Thesis 2 template as a way of creating custom post meta and displaying that custom post meta in any Thesis post or page. You know there’s another way to add post meta. And I mean the easy