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Customizing Thesis Like a Pro

Thesis is an amazingly flexible platform for developing a small business website. It is simple enough that folks without any prior experience with web design or web development languages can easily create their own websites. It is also easy to learn how to customize Thesis using CSS and PHP. Someone with an intermediate knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP can make it do virtually anything they want.

These video tutorials aim to show beginning and intermediate users how to customize and extend Thesis. They follow the same pattern as all of our other videos, showing each task step by step without technical jargon, secret handshakes or expert shortcuts. While some of these lessons are available to free subscribers, the majority are available only to paid subscribers.

Customizing Thesis Like a Pro is undergoing revision

We’re restructuring the lessons and adding new material. You can see the latest lessons at the new page here. Currently we have 3 lessons revised and are in the process of revising the rest. That’s not to say that the lessons on this page are obsolete. We’ve simply decided to systematize the lessons into a format similar to the Start Building Your Website Here and Build an Ecommerce Website series.

Introduction to Customizing Thesis

  1. An Introduction to customizing Thesis CSS
  2. An Introduction to adding custom functionality using PHP in Thesis
  3. An Introduction to Custom Templates in Thesis
  4. An Introduction to Custom Sidebars in Thesis

Tools of the Trade

  1. How to use Firebug and Web Developer for Firefox.

Customize the Thesis Header

  1. Add a custom image to your Thesis header without css or html – the easiest way
  2. How to add a custom image to your Thesis 1.6 header – the default method
  3. How to add the navigation bar to your header.
  4. How to add a custom image to your “Full-width Framework” header – the default method.
  5. How to display different header images on different pages on your site.
  6. How to add a call to action section to your header.
  7. How to add a logo beside the title and tagline.
  8. How to add a widgetized section to your header.

Customize your Backgrounds in Thesis

  1. Using tileable images for your background
  2. Using a fixed single image for your background

Customize Pages in Thesis

  1. How to create a “Minimalist” Front Page

Customize Navigation in Thesis

  1. How to create simple image navigation
  2. How to add background images to the Thesis Nav Menu
  3. How to use WordPress 3.0 menus with Thesis
  4. How to add additional WordPress menus to Thesis
  5. How to create context sensitive menus in Thesis