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Lesson 11 – Adding content to your pages

This lesson is from our older Start Building Your Website Here series, for updated content please go to the new lessons.

In this lesson we’re going to discuss adding content to WordPress pages that we have created.  The key to adding content to your pages is understanding the WordPress text editor.  First we’ll look at the two views of the text editor and the different ways of formatting the text.  Next we’ll look at text formatting for scanability.  We’ll learn all about cutting and pasting text and we’ll insert dummy text into our pages.  Then we’ll learn how to add links to other pages.  Finally we’ll learn about the Medial library and how to use it.

Different views of the WordPress text editor – Watch the Video

  • The 2 views of the Text Editor
  • The “Visual” view – WYSIWYG (sort of)
  • The “HTML” view (or “Source” view)
  • Formatting your text

Titles, headings and lists for readability – Watch the Video

  • Structure your page for easy scanning
  • Using titles to improve scanning
  • Using various heading types
  • Using lists
  • Replacing paragraph text with bulleted lists

Cutting and pasting text in WordPress

  1. Cutting and pasting in WordPress – Watch the Video

    • Selecting text in the Visual view
    • Selecting text in the HTML view
    • How to delete text
    • Different options for pasting text
  2. The problem free pasting method for WordPress – Watch the Video

    • Using notepad for transferring text
    • Cleaning up formatting after the paste
  3. Pasting using the text editor’s paste buttons – Watch the Video

    • The “Paste as Plain Text” button
    • Whoops – we lost the paragraph markings
    • Cleaning up the formatting
  4. Pasting from Word – Watch the Video

    • The “Paste from Word” button
    • Choose the correct options
    • What gets left when doing this
    • Cleaning up the formatting
  5. Adding dummy text to your pages – Watch the Video

    • Generating Lorem Ipsum text
    • Creating a Lorem Ipsum text file
    • Paste the text into a page

Adding links to your pages

  • Adding an internal link
  • Adding an external link

Using the Media Library

  • Storing images, video & audio in the Media Library
  • Storing PDF files & other files in the Media Library

Inserting images & other media in your pages

  • Inserting an image using the Media Button
  • Inserting an image from your computer
  • Inserting an image using Thesis functionality
  • Selecting where the image displays in Thesis
  • Adding PDF file download links