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Lesson 12 – Customizing the appearance of your website

This lesson is from our older Start Building Your Website Here series, for updated content please go to the new lessons.

The main reason why we use Thesis as the basis for teaching small business owners how to build their own websites is that it is so easy to customize the appearance of the website without using HTML or CSS.  Thesis has a large set of tools that allow you to customize a website to fit your needs.

In the first part of this lesson we’ll learn about the different layouts available for customizing the appearance of your Thesis website. Next well look at customizing the colors on the site and changing the fonts used and the appearance of the navigation menu.  Then we’ll look at adding a banner image to your header and finally we’ll look at different uses for the Thesis multimedia box.

In this lesson you will learn:

Customize the layout of your Thesis website – Watch the Video

  • Changing the column layout using Thesis Design Options
  • Look at a 3 column layout
  • Configure a 2 column layout
  • Changing column order
  • The “No-Sidebars” template

Customize Thesis colors, fonts & navigation – Watch the Video

  • Fonts on the web
  • Changing the font style for your site
  • Setting the site background color
  • Setting the site page color
  • Setting the text color
  • Setting the font size
  • Understanding the 4 Navigation Menu states
  • Setting the nav menu colors
  • Header fonts & colors
  • Headline fonts & colors
  • Sidebars fonts & colors

Adding a banner image – Watch the Video

  • Check the optimal banner size
  • Add a banner of the optimal size
  • Adding a banner that is too big
  • Adding a banner that is too small
  • Adjusting for a banner that is too small

Using the Multimediabox for testimonials – Watch the Video

  • Thesis Multimedia Box options
  • Customizing the Thesis multimedia box on individual pages
  • Formatting an image for use in the testimonial
  • Using the sandbox to create the testimonial
  • Add the testimonial to the Thesis multimedia box

Using the Multimediabox for videos – Watch the Video

  • Video options in the Thesis multimedia box
  • Embedding a YouTube video
  • Selecting the video size

Using the Multimediabox for text – Watch the Video

  • Using the sandbox page to configure text
  • Add a heading to the text
  • Add a link to the text
  • Place the text in the Thesis multimedia box

Archive versions of the video lessons

Part 3- Adding a banner image (Thesis 1.6 & 1.7) – Watch the Video