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Lesson 14 – Keeping your website up to date and backed up

This lesson is from our older Start Building Your Website Here series, for updated content please go to the new lessons.

A small business website built in WordPress is not a “set it and forget it” type of site. WordPress, Thesis and the plugins that you employ are all evolving. WordPress undergoes 2 to 3 major revisions each year and Thesis follows suit. It is important to keep your entire website up to date so that you can enjoy increased efficiency and functionality as well as enhancing your site’s security. It is equally important to back up your site. You’ll eventually have hundreds of hours invested in your site and your customers will come to rely on it. For that reason you can’t afford to lose your site in the case of a catastrophic event.

In the first part of this lesson you will learn how to keep your site up to date. We’ll learn to update both WordPress and your plugins. Next we’ll learn how to backup your customization files by synchronizing your local file structure with your website. Then we’ll learn how to perform a manual backup of your entire site. Next we’ll install a backup plugin to backup your site and finally we’ll learn to restore your site in the event of a catastrophe.

In this lesson you will learn:

Keep your website updated – Watch the Video

  • Updating WordPress Plugins
  • Updating to a more recent version of WordPress

Synchronize your local file system with your website – Watch the Video

  • The role of the wp-content directory
  • Using ftp to backup your site files
  • Synchronize your local and remote files

Backup your website manually – Watch the Video

  • Perform a full website backup from C-Panel
  • Perform partial website backups from C-Panel
  • Backup your data base in C-Panel
  • Fail Safe Backup System

Backup your website using a WordPress plug-in – Watch the Video

  • Install WordPress EZ Backup plugin
  • Configure the plugin
  • Setting backup time
  • Configuring the Cron Job
  • Deliver the backup files to your inbox

Restore your website from a manual backup – Watch the Video

  • First – let’s break the site
  • Restore a backup from C-Panel

Restore your website from an automatic backup – Watch the Video

  • First – destroy the site again
  • Go to backup directory
  • Extract backup file
  • Restore the data base