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Lesson 7 – Setting up the rest of your site

This lesson is from our older Start Building Your Website Here series, for updated content please go to the new lessons.

In this video tutorial we will learn how to set up the rest of your business website. In the last lesson we explored the WordPress setup and created our first website page. Here we will explore additional Thesis page related options, discuss how to organize your website and set up additional pages.

First, we will tackle some terminology specific to WordPress and Thesis. We will examine the relationship between “home page” and “front page” and between “page” and “post”. Then we’ll look at some Thesis options and discuss further which related options apply to the static versus the blog page.

Next, we will create an example of a top-level page. These are pages that will appear on the navigation bar. Then we will configure the navigation bar to display our new layout.

Following this we will add a sub-level page, the title of which will appear in a drop down menu below the top level page on the navigation bar. These sub-level pages are “nested” under their parent pages. We will configure the navigation bar to display our sub-level pages. Having a rational navigation system with sub-levels is an important tool in SEO.  It makes it easy for Google to understand what’s going on from page to page and how they relate to each other.

Finally, we will create the remaining pages which will form the basic organization of our new business website.

Configuring Thesis pages – Watch the Video

  • Discuss Use of the Term “Homepage” within Thesis
  • Related Options
  • Change Options To Create a Clean Slate For Your Webpage

Create Top level Product or Services page – Watch the Video

  • What Appears on Navigation Bar
  • Add Additional Top Level Page
  • Thesis SEO Settings
  • Update Navigation Menu

Create Product or Services sub-page – Watch the Video

  • Nesting Pages To Create Clear Navigation Structure
  • Create Sub-Pages and SEO Reminders
  • Adding Sub-Pages to the Navigation Menu

Create The rest of the pages, About us, Contact us, Blog – Watch the Video

  • Create and Edit Additional Pages
  • Adding Pages To the Navigation Menu
  • View Website With New Layout